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It is extremely important to know that all of the members in our team are insured and bonded. This is an extremely important aspect, because we want to avoid any kind of misunderstanding or mishap during the transportation process.

We are not a new company on the market, but we are a team which has been present for quite some time. We have a positive history in dealing with our clientele, and we focus on offering you the most reliable, fast and advantageous car transportation services.

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Experience & Dedication

There are two wisdom words that have driven our company to SUCCESS: Experience & Dedication.

Experience = we are a reliable company on the market, which has strived to offer its customers only the best quality services, custom tailored quotes and all the advice that they needed. We are also among the few companies out there who do not ask of

you to sign a contract only after you are fully satisfied with the quote that you have got.

Dedication = our dedication reflects through our success with past customers. They have felt comfortable with us, and they have felt important. This is everything that matters.

Classic & Collector Cars

Owning a classic or collector’s car is a wonderful thing. However, when you need it transported to the site of an auction or a national/ international exhibition, you might have to spend a lot of time in order to find the best & safest car transporting company. We, at Fast Auto Transport guarantee you the highest quality services, because we know how important your collector’s, vintage or classic car is.

  • Transportation in fully enclosed vehicles to protect the car from any possible road hazards (road dirt, rain, etc.)
  • They are transported in temperature controlled vehicles
  • We offer satellite tracking system so that you always know where your car is

Besides all these, we offer you a top customer service; just give us a call at 1-888-659-0922 and have all your questions answered right away! We are a professional and reliable team of experts who place 100% value on customer satisfaction!